Pokemon Cards

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This is a community for the discussion, trading, ect for Pokemon Cards.

You can discuss strageties, post decks, talk about the different cards. Yea, all that fun stuff and anything else pertaining to Pokemon Cards.

You're allowed to post "home-made" cards, pictures of your collection, ect ect, but try to keep all images behind lj-cuts.

As far as I can think there are no restrictions to posts as long at it pertains to Pokemon Cards.

Basic Community rules apply.
No stealing, don't be rude to others, ect...

Something to post for your "Hi, I'm new page"
Favorite card/cards & why:
Favorite type:
Reason (if you even know) for playing/still playing the game:
How often you play:
Are you any good:
Anything else you can think of: